About Me

Hi, my name is Emily Carter (as most of you probably know)! I am eighteen years old and just graduated from high school in Southern California. I am leaving beautiful SoCal behind for 7 months while I learn about different cultures and communities around the world with a gap year program, called Thinking Beyond Borders. There is a group made up of 3 program leaders and 12 students, including me! We will travel to Ghana, Thailand, Cambodia, Ecuador, Peru, and Washington D.C. In each core country (Ghana,Thailand, and Ecuador) we will be studying the progress made in third world countries on topics like public health, agriculture, and education. We use our time in each country to educate ourselves on a specific topic by working in the field of that occupation and taking the time to reflect and discuss what we are learning. We will end in Washington D.C meeting with organizations like the Gates foundation, World Bank, and other NGOs.  I am excited to take this year off before college (because that is what I want to do) and learn about the world and myself.