It is August 31, 2016. I just got back from a quick 31 flavors stop with my friend Breanna. See, on the 31st of each month they have a special- one scoop, $1.31, and Breanna and I never miss one. Except, tonight we realized we are going to miss more than a couple; because in 10 days I am taking off for the next seven months.

I am about to start my adventure learning about cultures and communities in Africa, Asia, and South America. Actually, I have a ton of things to do before I can say that: wait for my jeans to come, try and fit that dress in my bag, pack for D.C., ship my kindle to myself because I left it in Boston (haha, typical me), download all my music, order a new passport (which is super confusing and stressful), AND APPLY FOR COLLEGES. Also, I may or may not have to finish the reading that is assigned for Thinking Beyond Borders (It all depends on who is reading this- mom? yeah, I do- one of the program leaders? no, I finished it a long time ago).

Yeah, clearly I am a little frazzled and stressed, but I have been messaging with some of the people who are in my group and I cannot help but be so excited to meet them in 10 days (hi guys!!). This is something I have wanted to do for years and I am finally getting the opportunity to do thanks to my amazing parents and friends supporting me.

This is the start of my “adult life”, and I could not think of a better way to begin (except maybe to stop procrastinating).

I hope you guys keep up with my blog throughout my trip and stay in touch with me whether that is through e-mail or Facebook.(:


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